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Brookvale Student & Staff Only Halloween Event on Friday, 10/29/2021
Posted 10/13/21

The annual Halloween Student Parade will not be taking place this year due to our COVID campus safety protocols. Instead, we will have a smaller scale “parade event” limited to students and staff ONLY on 10/29/21. We'll have a coned off area for our student parade on campus where by students will sit on the outside of the cones and each grade level will take turns parading down the middle of the cone area (similar to a red carpet runway) enabling students to show off their costumes for their school mates. Class photos for the yearbook and families will be taken, per data share parent disclosures.  If you have any questions, please email your child’s teacher directly.


Costume Rules: Costumes are optional. Students who wish to wear a costume should wear attire that does not restrict movement or interfere with their ability to learn.  NO weapons/props or offensive costumes are allowed.  NO costume masks that cover the head or face; only masks adhering to the mask mandate are allowed.


Students should come to school already dressed in their costume.  Students will not be allowed to go to the office to have their costumes put on or their hair done, etc.  Costumes must meet school dress code requirements or students must wear clothing underneath their costume that meets school requirements.  The costume should be comfortable enough for students to wear all day. (As a reminder, Friday, 10/29 is NOT an early dismissal day.)