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Homework and Classroom Rules

Homework folders will be sent home each week on Monday and are due back completed on Friday morning when the kids enter the classroom.  Please sign the top of the page to indicate that you have reviewed the homework for correctness and understanding with your child.

Please go over the directions on the cover page and look through the packet together.  Homework is meant to be done daily, not all in one sitting.  It is important that your child does as much homework independently as possible. Please do not complete the homework for your child.


  • Turned in on time
  • Neatly done
  • Completed by the child
  • No mistakes


  • Turned in on time
  • Mostly neat
  • May have missed 1-2 answers
  • Few mistakes

Needs Improvement

  • Turned in late
  • Messy and/or illegible
  • Pages are missing or incomplete
  • Many mistakes


1. Show Respect

2. Make Good Decisions

3. Solve Problems