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Parent Volunteers

I understand that jobs and/or other commitments may not provide parents with the freedom to spend time in the classroom.  However, if your days are somewhat flexible and you are brave enough to share your time with us, I would love to have you! Please take a moment to sign up below for the times you are available.

Thank you!

Outside of room 101- I will post the calendar that will tell parents when and what day they have signed up for. Check daily!  

***Volunteers need to return the Parent Volunteer Form in order to work in the classroom.  These forms will be available at Back To School Night****

Learning Centers 
Days: Mondays - Thursdays from 8:20-9:00
Volunteers needed: 1-2
Description: You will be working with 6 students in a small group environment in different centers.  Centers may include- reading decodable books together, writing in journals, worksheets, phonics, math, art, etc.

Bronco Folders
Days: Wednesdays from 8:05-8:20
Volunteers needed: 1
Description: You will be stuffing the Broncos folders with school announcements and graded classwork.

Homework Folders
Days: Fridays from 8:05-8:20
Volunteers needed: 1
Description: You will be taking out the old homework and putting in the new homework for the following week.