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Amazon Wishlist

shopIt takes a village to raise a child and also to fill classroom! If you are able to help out by donating any of the items on our list, that would be great!!! Here are some of my plans for the items on the list!!!

Guess Who: Guess who is a great way to work on Character Analysis! Each novel study we will change out the faces on the Guess Who board to align with the character in our novel study!

Battleship: Excellent coordinate plane review!! All of the games I included will be adapted to allow for some review. 

20 Motivational posters: This year we will be doing any activity called "Keep the Quote." Each week students will choose a quote and vote on who gets to keep it based on their hard work throughout the week. 

Nylon Practice Jerseys: At the end of the year the fifth graders will read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. At this time we will play Quiddditch! The jerserys help to keep the "houses" separate. 

Winco Straw Dispenser!!: I know this seems random buuuuuuut it will be used as a pencil dispenser!! And we all know how important pencils are!! :) 

Wondering how I'll use any of the other materials? Ask!!