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Classroom Supplies

readyWhat do I need to succeed? (Supply wise that is...) (UPDATED 7/30/18)

I've put the most important items in BOLD. 

 Fifth Grade and Sixth Grade

• 5 Subject college ruled spiral notebook (NOT INDIVIDUAL ONES!!!!) Please make sure it is COLLEGE RULED

**ONE INCH BINDER!*** <--- NEW!!!!!!! 

• 3 folders

• Pencils

• Scissors (adult)

• Ballpoint Pens (fine tip) (multi colored)

• Glue sticks (Elmer's at least 10 regular/large size for the year)

• Expo fine tip dry erase markers

• 4 different colored highlighters

• Pencil erasers

• College ruled binder paper

• Skinny tab post its


To share with class:

• Kleenex - lots of it!

• Clorox disinfecting wipes

• Expo White board markers

• Square post it notes

• Index cards (3 x 5)

• Pink large erasers

• College ruled binder paper

• Hand Sanitizer

and MORE GLUE STICKS!!! Students will probably go through 2-3 a month!


Wondering which notebook is the best? Well I have that answer!!! They have these at Walmart for $0.97!!! Don't forget to get COLLEGE RULED!!

subject notebook

note book 2