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Classroom interruptions


Classroom Interruptions BP 6156.1


The Board of Education recognizes the importance of providing students on-task time with a

minimum of interruption. Through reducing the number of interruptions in the classroom,

students will benefit in terms of more direct instructional time. Principals will submit plans to

minimize classroom interruptions. The plan shall provide for close supervision and control of all

activities which may reduce instructional time in the classroom. Such plans will be sent by each

principal to the appropriate director of education for review and approval prior to October 1 of each year.


Policy Adopted: July 23, 1986





Classroom Interruptions AR 6156.1


Time on task with minimal interruption is an important factor to the institutional learning

process. Suggested items but not limited to the following may be incorporated as part of

a plan to reduce classroom interruptions.

  1. Coordinate all messages less than a major emergency and send at one given

specific time, a.m. and p.m.

  1. Use the communications to classrooms only for major emergencies except for

specified times.

  1. Students who have forgotten items at home should check the office at a

specified time.

  1. Calling students from the classroom should be minimized.
  2. Do not keep students over so that they may be late to another class.



Regulation Established: July 23, 1986