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Independent Study Contracts

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Independent Study

The Governing Board authorizes independent study as an optional alternative instructional

strategy by which students in grades K-12 education may reach curriculum objectives and fulfill

graduation requirements. Independent Study also provides students an option to keep up with

their studies when the student will not be able to attend school for various non-medical reasons

for five (5) or more school days. In addition, Independent Study may be used for the reasons


  1. To provide opportunities for the pursuit of special or unique educational interests on an

independent, school-supervised basis.

  1. To provide outlets for students with special assignments extending the content of regular

course of instruction.

  1. To provide volunteer community service activities that support and strengthen student


  1. The Administrative Rules and Regulations to be used shall be approved by the


The districts independent study option shall be substantially equivalent in quality and

quantity to classroom instruction, thus enabling students enrolled in Independent Study

to complete the districts adopted course of study within the customary time frame.

The Superintendent or designee shall determine that the prospective Independent Study

student understands and is prepared to meet the districts requirements for Independent

Study. No student receiving special education services may participate in any

Independent Study services or program unless authorized by the Individualized

Educational Plan (IEP) (EC 51745c)

The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that a written Independent Study

Agreement, as prescribed by law, exists for each participating student. (EC 51747)

To foster each students success in Independent Study, the Board establishes the

following maximum lengths of time which may elapse between the time an assignment

is made and date by which the student must complete the assigned work shall be as





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Independent Study

  1. For students in grades K-12, Opportunity and Continuation Programs: 10 school


When circumstances justify a longer time, the Superintendent or designee may extend

the maximum length of an assignment to a period not to exceed fifteen (15) school days,

pursuant to a written request with justification.

When any student fails to complete (3) Independent Study assignments, the certificated

supervisor (teacher) shall conduct an evaluation to determine whether it is in the

students best interest to remain in Independent Study. Evaluation findings shall be

kept in the students permanent record.

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Policy Adopted: February 22, 1984

Policy Revised: March 8, 1995

Policy Revised: April 10, 2002

Policy Revised: September 24, 2008