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Progress reporting and Procedures

Students Progress                                                                                   BP 5120


The primary responsibility of the professional educator within a system of public education

shall be to provide the best possible learning experience for the greatest number of students

while recognizing the needs of the individual child. Reporting continuous student progress

and achievement is consistent with this goal and should be considered an integral part of the

teaching and learning process. Reporting student progress and achievement is essential in

facilitating communication between the student, his parents or guardians, and those within the

teaching profession. Finally the reporting process is intended to assist teacher and learner in

evaluating the students mastery of established course and grade level objectives. It is the

intention in the Fremont Unified School District for a grade to:

A. Reflect academic achievement.

B. Be related to established evaluative criteria which are well understood by students and

parents and which are consistently interpreted by teachers.

C. Be accepted as an objective evaluation of performance and an indication of successful

performance at increasingly difficult levels of work.


Teachers will send out progress reports to families each Trimester at the elementary school.  Parents should receive progress reports of students who are performing below standards every six weeks into each Trimester.



Policy Adopted: August 24, 1983

Policy Revised: August 27, 1985