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Visitors on campus

Visits to a classroom initiated by a students parent/guardian shall be arranged in consultation with the students teachers and the principal.  All visitations must be scheduled with the Principal and parent as to a mutually agreed upon date and time that works for both parties schedule.  Visits to the classroom by a parent must have the Principal supervising the visit.  Visits consist of 30 minutes maximum and have limitations as to the frequency of visits per month.  Parents who wish to visit their child's classroom must contact the site Principal to set up a time and date for visitation and the parent may not bring other children with them on the visit.  Office personnel are not allowed to supervise children while parents are visiting the classroom.  Please make arrangements to have siblings or other children supervised off campus in order for your visitation to take place during the set date and time.

Denial of Access to Campus

1. The principal or designee may refuse to register a visitor or may revoke the visitation of any visitor if the principal reasonably concludes that the visitors presence or acts would disrupt the school, students, or employees, would result in damage to property, or would interfere with classes or other school activities or otherwise disrupts the educational process.

2. The principal or designee may request that a visitor who has failed to register or whose visitation privileges have been denied or revoked promptly leave school grounds.

Recording Devices

No electronic audio or video recording device may be used by visitors in a classroom without the teachers and principals permission.

Parent volunteers

Parents may speak with the classroom teacher to inquire about providing help within the classroom when needed. Classroom teachers will determine if help from a volunteer is needed and will then personally contact the parent to set up a date and time for volunteering. Please be advised that parents should wait until asked by the classroom teacher to come to the school for volunteering services. Once the teacher contacts the parent, the parent should come to the office the day of service, sign in on the visitor log, and then proceed to the classroom. All volunteers MUST wear their ID badges at all times while on campus. By following this procedure, it allows the school to consistently monitor who is permitted on campus which adheres to our safety policy in the event of an emergency. It also prevents unnecessary classroom interruptions.